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    We offer participation in developing an educational nature trail. A park designed for seniors and the physically challenged. A one-time $25 share gets you a lifetime NorthPort Co-op membership, one of the best investments you can make.! Every time you use your Co-op member number your purchases are recorded. We total your purchases annually and, based on the Co-opís profits, a percentage of your purchases is added to your share account. A portion of this amount is paid out to you each year as your member rebate. The remainder is retained by the Co-op to help us grow the Organization.


    Also as a member of Northport Cooperative you will have access to an abundance of resources as well as an abundance of games, free seminars, free workshops.  your investment in Northport is a one time investment that pays dividends on profits each year. To learn more about investing in Northport click here. Come Chat With Us. HERE or chat with friends, it's free.

      Education - Knowledge - Advancement - All About Life - -You Come First-


      If you care at all about our children then think Education, here at NorthPort Education is a priority. We will endeavor to supply as many Educational work shops as we can at no charge. When there is a charge for a workshop or seminar NorthPort will try to absorb some of the cost for members. Want to know more about being a member of any co-op? then Click Here

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The art of paper folding

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